The Cosmopolitan

The Eurorack dual phase distortion oscillator you've always wanted!


Videos by Dreams of Wires

No additional modules were used, except for one VCA and one ADSR/LFO. Most of the clips were recorded without external effects. Two have external delay effects added.

Two Independent Oscillators

• CV for Pitch and Shape
• Bipolar modulation Depth control
• Coarse and Fine tuning controls
• LED indicators for easy tuning
• Precision circuits to ensure tuning stability
• Wide CV range: +8V .. -8V

Eight Waveforms

PWM Square
Sine Pulse
Triangle Pulse
Triangle Sine
Resonant Sawtooth
Resonant Triangle
Resonant Pulse

Phase Distortion Synthesis

Phase distortion synthesis generates waveforms by speeding up one part of a sine wave while slowing down the second part.

This technique gives excellent musical control over the timbre of the waveform.

Technical Specifications

• Module Width: 20HP
• Module Depth: 50mm
• Pitch CV range: -8V .. 8V
• Shape CV range: -8V .. 8V
• +12V current: ?? mA
• -12V current: ?? mA
• No +5V needed