The Cosmopolitan

The Eurorack dual phase distortion oscillator you've always wanted!

Due to component shortages we are currently unable to manufacture our modules. Please check back later.

Videos by Dreams of Wires

No additional modules were used, except for one VCA and one ADSR/LFO. Most of the clips were recorded without external effects. Two have external delay effects added.

Two Independent Oscillators

• CV for Pitch and Shape
• Bipolar modulation Depth control
• Coarse and Fine tuning controls
• LED indicators for easy tuning
• Precision circuits to ensure tuning stability
• Wide CV range: +8V .. -8V

Eight Waveforms

PWM Square
Sine Pulse
Triangle Pulse
Triangle Sine
Resonant Sawtooth
Resonant Triangle
Resonant Pulse

Phase Distortion Synthesis

Phase distortion synthesis generates waveforms by slowing down the first half of a sine wave while speeding up the second half.

This technique gives excellent musical control over the timbre of the waveform.

Technical Specifications

• Module Width: 20HP
• Module Depth: 50mm
• Pitch CV range: -8V .. 8V
• Shape CV range: -8V .. 8V
• +12V current: ?? mA
• -12V current: ?? mA
• No +5V needed